C implementation of Prolog programming language.


"A programming language tends to impose a certain view of the world on its users. One manifestation of this imposition is that a programmer who has been using a language long enough to be infected by its world view will tend to find uses for those types of computation at which the language is adept, and avoid problems for which the language is not suited." John Malpas

Prolog is the best language for representing AI logic. Not enough, of course, its just a draft, a starting point, but the best there is today, for an ordinary developer. If you want more you have to go yourself. Enjoy.

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Prolog interpreter console, to try it online.

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Source code

C-Prolog 1.4

for Gnu C Compiler, contain source to build targets for Linux x64, win64, win32.

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Compiled binary

Linux x64

C-Prolog 1.4

Compiled with Gnu C under Linux x86_x64

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Windows x64

C-Prolog 1.4

Compiled with Gnu C under MinGW64 x86_x64

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