C inmplementation of Prolog programming language.


There was a beautiful and unique programming language - prolog. It seems that every programmer, who had programming experience in this language, received special experience and evolution, that no other programming language could give. It would be nice if these opportunities and opening paths were not lost for future programmers. And so that people understand that the procedural approach to programming, which is studied by 99% of programmers, is by no means a necessity, but only one of the possible methods of programming.

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Prolog interpreter console, to try it online.

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Source code

C-Prolog 1.4

for Gnu C Compiler, contain source to build targets for Linux x64, win64, win32.

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Compiled binary

Linux x64

C-Prolog 1.4

Compiled with Gnu C under Linux x86_x64

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Windows x64

C-Prolog 1.4

Compiled with Gnu C under MinGW64 x86_x64

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